Nehemiah Collaborative


Our Purpose

“Send me to the city…that I may rebuild it.” - Nehemiah 2

Nehemiah Collaborative is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded to bring positive transformation to Cleveland’s Near West Side, specifically the Clark/Fulton and Stockyards neighborhoods.

We achieve this by acquiring, rehabilitating, and maintaining neighborhood properties, while also providing a network of spiritual and vocational support based on Jesus' call to stewardship, love for neighbor, and the transforming power of community.



Nehemiah Collaborative is in the first year of this neighborhood transformation program. We're currently acquiring our first properties and networking tenants and owners to developmental ministries and services with our partners and collaborators.

A three year outline is below. Contact Us to request the full business plan.

Year One

  • Acquire and rehab first properties for rental opportunities for underprivileged people served by local non-profits, urban churches, and refugees.
  • Grow the support network with like-minded churches, non-profits, businesses, and donors.

 Year Two

  • Continue to provide new rental opportunities
  • Perform one market rate home sale to aid movement toward financial sustainability
  • Refine the support network using feedback from local residents

Year Three

  • Continue to provide new rental opportunities
  • Perform 1-2 additional market rate home sales
  • Complete the support network and resources for residents
  • Continue to evaluate progress with resident feedback

Long-Term Funding and Scalability

Nehemiah Collaborative is exploring and developing an income strategy that allows for greater impact in the city through true investment. This model would release Nehemiah Collaborative from typical fundraising constraints and demands, creating a pool of income for the restoration of entire neighborhoods over time. Use our Contact Page  to request our business plan and connect with someone from Nehemiah Collaborative.

Exporting the Model to Other Neighborhoods

We see ourselves as a model and training center for other non-profits that seek positive neighborhood transformation, not just in Northeast Ohio, but across the entire United States. We want to share lessons learned and multiply successes.


Nehemiah collaborative is a team effort with thought leadership and resources from:

working with innovative programs and initiatives from:



Nehemiah Collaborative worked with the SCFBC Community Development Office to identify and acquire our first property. Work has already begun! Use the Contact section to request more info on volunteering or contributing to this property and upcoming projects.


Why Nehemiah?

We focus on developing people who can sustain redeveloped housing. 

While there are numerous not for profit programs designed to provide underprivileged people with housing, Nehemiah Collaborative believes that an improved housing situation only cures a symptom and does not address the root cause of poverty. 

Beyond physical property renewal, we focus on the creation of a strong support network to provide the residents of our homes and their entire neighborhoods with the tools and resources they need to improve their living, working, and spiritual situations.

See our Partners section to see some of the innovative organizations, programs, and resources providing wrap-around support to neighborhood families.

Why Cleveland, Why Now?

The City of Cleveland, OH has been at the center of the recent nationwide trend of urban revitalization after years of disinvestment in city centers. Demand for urban living has skyrocketed. Public and private development efforts are rehabbing and re-purposing many properties, once considered blight, into innovative living, working and entertainment spaces. The aim of all this investment is to help Cleveland transform its image from a “rust-belt city” to a vibrant city filled with opportunity.

Unfortunately, those that cannot afford to participate in this trend are often swept aside and left behind. 

According to the 2010 U.S. Census for Cuyahoga County...

  • 230,000 people (23% of families) live at or below the poverty line
  • 23,000 are homeless.

While urban revitalization is a positive phenomenon for cities like Cleveland, the resulting shifts in population often have a negative effect on those already living in the neighborhoods. Rising rents and property taxes price current residents out of their homes, forcing them to live elsewhere. In addition, much of Cleveland's aging housing stock fail to pass city code standards, giving residents few choices for safe, healthy, and affordable homes.

With founding partners that understand urban dynamics and culture, Nehemiah Collaborative believes that God has called our collaborators together to create an innovative solution to this problem.

The approach combines a housing rehabilitation and maintenance company with a strong, Christ-centered support network. The goal is to help physically rebuild the Clark/Fulton and Stockyards neighborhoods while supporting transformation in the lives of those that call the neighborhoods home.


Congregations, businesses, organizations, groups, and individuals are all needed and welcome to help rebuild Cleveland neighborhoods with Nehemiah Collaborative. Here are a few ways you or your organization can make a difference:

  • Sponsor / adopt the renovation of a house for a family who is already in relationship with partners of Nehemiah Collaborative
  • Provide volunteer skilled labor to support house renovation projects
  • Donate renovation or landscaping supplies and materials
  • Volunteer with one of Nehemiah Collaborative's Partners, where real life-on-life ministry has a daily impact

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